SIGN: Doug Ford's Conservatives must drop their Bill 124 Appeal

Public Sector Workers have sacrificed so much for everyday Ontarians. But instead of investing in them, Ford's Conservatives are taking them to court.

Add your name to demand that Ford's Conservatives drop the appeal of Bill 124 now:

    Bill 124 is a slap in the face for workers who keep our province running – it's wage-restraining legislation, and it's unconstitutional.

    That’s what Ontario’s Superior Court ruled. Now, in another display of their disregard to everyday Ontarians, Ford's Conservatives want to appeal the decision. They must back down.

    Instead of putting resources towards addressing staffing gaps and challenges in health care and education, they want to throw away taxpayer dollars to fight workers in court.

    It’s reckless, and dangerous. Staffing shortages have serious impacts on the quality of essential services, on the livelihood of public sector workers, and on the saftey and well being of all Ontarians.

    New Democrats won't stop fighting alongside workers to uphold the court’s decision to strike down Bill 124.

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