Housing Minister Steve Clark must resign

The Auditor General and Integrity Commissioner reports expose a disturbing truth: Minister Clark broke the law, and betrayed the trust of Ontarians.

Key Revelations from both reports:

  • Ford's June 2022 mandate directed Clark to open up the Greenbelt for development.
  • Clark's office received specific land removal requests from two major developers.
  • A small team had just three weeks for a rushed and secretive land assessment.
  • Criteria were changed to favor certain developers.
  • 92% of the removed land was influenced by developers.
  • Land value surged from $240 million to $8.3 billion.
  • Clark violated Member’s Integrity Act sections, failing oversight.
  • His actions improperly favored specific developers.
  • He inadequately supervised his staff, per the Integrity Commissioner.
  • A reprimand was recommended by the Integrity Commissioner for Clark's ethical failures.

The evidence is undeniable. This was never about housing; it's about corruption, favoritism, and a complete betrayal of the public's trust.

Given the overwhelming evidence against him, Minister Clark must resign. Sign below if you agree!

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