Tell Kinga Surma: Cancel the shady $650 million private spa giveaway

Do you support cancelling the Therme deal at Ontario Place?

    Ontario Place, a cherished public space, is at the heart of our community and has been enjoyed by generations of Ontarians.

    But under Kinga Surma and the corrupt Conservatives, its fate has been handed over in a shady deal to Therme, a European luxury spa corporation. What are they hiding?

    🔴 A 95-year lease that remains undisclosed. What's in the fine print that they don't want Ontarians to see?

    🔴 Spending $650 million on a luxury spa and 5-storey parking garage while Ontarians grapple with rising costs of living

    🔴 Concerns about privatizing public parkland, destroying habitats, and undisclosed costs to taxpayers. Why the lack of transparency?

    🔴 Plans to fill in the lake at Ontario Place, hinting at environmental harm and further secrecy in the redevelopment project.

    By signing on, you're sending a clear message: Ontarians demand transparency and accountability. We won't stand by while our public spaces are handed over in shady deals.

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