SIGN: I stand with public sector workers on strike

Fair wages, good working conditions, and job security are non-negotiable

Join us in standing with over 155,000 public sector workers as they fight for a fair contract and better working conditions.

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    Over 155,000 public sector workers have been without a contract since negotiations with the Federal government began in June 2021 – now, one of the largest strikes in Canadian history is underway.

    Public sector workers are taking a stand for fair wages that protect them from skyrocketing inflation, improved work-life balance, job security, and better protections for remote work.

    These are basic demands that should be met by any employer – but the Federal government has failed to take them seriously.

    Marit Stiles and the NDP will always stand up for and fight alongside workers – our Party was built on these principles.

    By standing with public sector workers today, you're supporting their fight for a fair contract that benefits not only the workers themselves but also the millions of everyday people they serve.

    Add your name today and join us in this historic moment to support public sector workers.

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